Camp schools for young people

Camp schools for young people

Learn skills for life at Hyvärilä camp school!

We believe camp school can change a young person’s life in many ways. That is why Hyvärilä focuses on offering big and small experiences that allow young people to learn, laugh, sweat and spend time together – and fill their stomachs in between the different activities. Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre offers camp services for youngsters and anyone involved in youth work all year round. Hyvärilä is a former farm located by the beautiful Lake Pielinen in North Karelia. Our job is to promote learning and life skills.

Hyvärilä in brief:

  • We are one of the nine youth centres operating in Finland.
  • We provide services to promote the wellbeing, learning and development of young people.
  • Hyvärilä is former farm situated by a lake in North Karelia.
  • We provide an extremely diverse setting for indoor and outdoor sports all year round.
  • The centre is located close to Koli National Park, Break Sokos Hotel Bomba and Ruunaa Hiking Centre (rafting and recreational area).
  • Distance to Hyvärilä from various locations: Kuopio 132 km, Kainuu 135 km, Jyväskylä 278 km, Oulu 282 km, Lappeenranta 364 km, Vaasa 464 km and Helsinki 522 km

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: The best camp ever

We want your camp school to be the best camp ever: Together, we can plan and implement a safe camp school based on your wishes. This way you can enjoy the best of Hyvärilä and just focus on spending time together as a camp school.

We can help you plan your camp school

We are happy to help you plan your camp school. We know what to consider in advance, how to prepare for the trip and how to implement your plans in practice.

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