International youth work

International youth work

Are you interested in internationality but hesitate to spend a year abroad as an exchange student because it is such a big step? There other pathways to internationality that accommodate young people’s individual circumstances.

One of our tasks is to help young people find their own pathway to internationality, with due consideration to their financial situation. We are part of an international youth work network and aim to promote international youth travel.

The aim of our internationality efforts is to promote:

• tolerance
• acceptance of other people’s differences
• communality
• cultural understanding and intercultural dialogue

We also promote internationality in our work community: Volunteers and trainees from abroad keep life interesting at the centre even when we are not hosting international events.

Contact us

Eila Lintunen
International Coordinator
Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre
tel. +358 (0)50 339 4659
e-mail: eila.lintunen(at)