Nuotta training

Nuotta training

Nuotta training is designed to enhance young people’s social and basic daily management skills and to promote a healthy lifestyle. The training is specifically intended for young people who need special support.

Nuotta training

• enhances social and daily management skills and promotes a healthy lifestyle
• is primarily intended for young people aged 13 to 28
• includes interactive and experiential work methods applied in small groups
• includes group and individual support
• typically lasts for 2 to 4 days


Nuotta training is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The workshops and outreach youth service are free of charge for young people and their personal supervisors.

Nuotta offers workers the opportunity to reinforce their confidential relationship with a young person and to monitor group activities in a new environment. Moreover, Nuotta training is a tool that can help to monitor young people’s behaviour during new activities and introduce them to, for example, new hobbies.

Nuotta trainers offer encouragement

Nuotta training gives young people the opportunity to challenge themselves through new activities while still allowing them to establish their own boundaries. The task of Nuotta trainers is to encourage, give positive feedback and help young people process their experiences. The training is customised according to the each young person’s wishes to make sure that he or she is engaged in the training starting at the planning stage. The needs of the referring party are also observed to ensure the long-term benefits of the training.

A training programme can include outdoor recreation, such as hiking, and other sports as well as arts and crafts and pedagogical exercises.

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Nuotta Coordinator and youth worker
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