Why choose camp school in Hyvärilä?

Why choose camp school in Hyvärilä?

The camp schools held in Hyvärilä are designed to support learning and your school’s operations. A successful camp school also features tasty home cooking with locally produced ingredients and stimulating activities in modern facilities. All this is made possible by our skilled and amiable staff. The aim of our camp schools is to enhance young people’s social skills, self-esteem and team spirit in a safe growing environment.

That is why you should choose camp school in Hyvärilä.

Learning skills for life at Hyvärilä camp school

We believe camp school can change a young person’s life in many ways. This is why Hyvärilä focuses on creating big and small experiences that allow young people to learn, laugh, sweat and spend time together – and fill their stomachs in between the different activities. Hyvärilä offers camp services for youngsters and anyone involved in youth work all year round. Our job is to promote learning and life skills.

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We can help you plan your camp school

We are happy to help you plan your camp school. We know what to consider in advance, how to prepare for the trip and how to implement your plans in practice.

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